BJP MLA Anil Bonde. (Twitter)

A Lavani dance video at BJP MLA Anil Bonde’s farmers’ programme went viral Thursday. The video shot was part of traditional folk art called ‘Dandar’, performed at ‘Rashtriya Krushi Vikas Parishad’ organised by Bonde from February 9 to 12. Bonde represents Morshi Assembly constituency in Amravati district.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Bonde said,  “farmers in Vidarbha participate in many cultural programmes like Dandar, Khada Tamasha and Gaulan. This one was Dandar, organised for entertainment of the farmers.”

“I have been organising this programmed at Warud town for the past five years and farmers from many places even from the neighbouring Madhya Pradesh participate in it. The overall footfall is of about two lakh people.” The person dressed like a lady is actually a man. There is nothing obscene in it as the dance was to the tune of a Lavani,” he added.

Dandar is a traditional folk art in which two parties of farmers pose puzzles to each other.

“In a way it’s good that this video had gone viral. At least people will know about the Parishad now,’ he added.